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Interior Design & Art Studio

Offering Residential & Commercial Services

Located in Medway, MA


I’m Sarah Daricilar, studio owner and interior designer at Daricilar Design Studio located in Medway, MA.  My educational background in interior design and city planning with professional experience in historic renovations and remodels has allowed me to have been involved in a variety of projects both residential and commercial.  I am NCIDQ certified,  an advocate for sustainable design principles, and a believer in designing for the health, safety and welfare of ALL building occupants.

I don’t sell the idea of “Glitz ‘n Glam” and I don’t design for glossy magazine covers.  My goal is to create spaces with authenticity that serve their occupants well.  I enjoy the beauty that can be found in buildings; constructed of genuine materials with energy to them and showcasing historic details.

So the saying goes “Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love all things design and enjoy the process of creation.  By blending my design background with my hobbies that keep me up at night, the product is Daricilar Design Studio.  While you’re here,  please enjoy reading my monthly blog and start a renovation adventure!

“Enjoy the process, love the outcome!